Since the beginning of our operation we have strived to set ourselves apart and become the best Beef Jerky in the state of New Mexico in both quality and flavor.Our unique preparation methods and cooking procedure produces the best tasting Beef Jerky on the market today.  Our secret-recipe contains only high quality ingredients and spices that include N.M. Hatch Red and Green Chile. To insure our quality and freshness all of our Jerky is made with only top quality USDA inspected Beef, and is produced at our facility that is USDA inspected daily. As a USDA Federally inspected facility, our product is guaranteed fresh for a period of one year. However, to insure our product meets our freshness standard, we put a “stay fresh” period of six months on each package. In taste tests, our Jerky has been voted the best tasting Jerky on the Market. Our wide selections of Jerky flavors are made with over 20 years of combined experience.

We are proud of our Jerky and only put out what we think is the very best!

Thank you for stopping by and we hope you enjoy a bag of JR's Beef Jerky very soon!